Hauntings Around the World #1

It’s time for our first haunting! I will do these on a fairly regular basis (couple times a month or so), pulling from various sites that I find info on interesting haunted places from around the world. Our first haunted place comes courtesy of hauntedamericantours.com. It’s in Edinburgh, Scotland, buried within the stonework of a bridge that currently provides a major thoroughfare through the city. Long ago, it was more than just a street crossing a river. It was built with an entire business district within its foundations. Below is an excerpt from the website:

“Far below the busy streets of modern Edinburgh lies a dark, forgotten corner of history. Discovered in the mid-1980’s, the Edinburgh Vaults had been abandoned for nearly two hundred years. Lying beneath the South Bridge, a major Edinburgh passage, the rooms were used as cellars, workshops and even as residences by the businesses that plied their trade on the busy bridge above. Abandoned soon after they were built due to excessive water and moisture, the vaults remain, unaltered, never illuminated by the light of day. This location is said to be very haunted. Many visitors have been attacked by the unseen and left with bruises, cuts, and scratches. Others have been knocked unconscious and overcome by debilitating nausea and vomiting. The South Bridge has stood since 1785 and it was around this time that the huge supporting arches were first divided for use by nearby businesses. The vaults were once bustling with life, the vast overflow of an ever-growing city.

When the vaults became mostly abandoned because of the unwholesome atmosphere they were still used sporadically by the poor and homeless of Edinburgh society. As with any great concentration of unhealthy people, there were outbreaks of plague and other devastating illnesses; many of the people who took refuge in the vaults ultimately died there. There is evidence that at least some of these people may have met untimely ends because it was here in the Edinburgh Vaults that the nefarious pair, Burke and Hare, plied their trade of providing cadavers to the nearby teaching hospitals of Infirmary Street.”

Below is a picture from within these vaults:

The Edinburgh Vaults

Can you imagine how creepy this place would have been upon first opening up after 200 years? Or the sorts of ghosts one might find in such a place with all of the folk who likely died in this dank, lightless place? Not to mention the air quality. I can imagine some wonderful ghost stories coming out of a place like this. So, would you go walking down into these depths alone, just you and your little flashlight? What sort of ghosts can you imagine haunting such a place? Can you envision a story using this as a setting? I believe it to be very high on the creepy factor.


10 responses to “Hauntings Around the World #1

  1. I am so stoked! Just reading about this and looking at the picture gave me the setting for a new character and book I’m starting. Bless your sweet heart! Now to go scare the pee-pee out of myself…

  2. Very creepy story and photo, and a sad indictment on the society that was. There’s also a very interesting cemetery in the London area which is vast and partly overgrown and is reputed to be haunted. I wish I could remember the name of it, but I found it after a Google search that included vampires and cemetery, I think. It was a while ago.

    Love your blog design and theme. Good luck on your debut novel. Sounds very enticing!

  3. Yes, very interesting picture, with the ‘x’ sort of white light in there. Nice blog! And great contest you have going on.

  4. Thanks for sharing this – yes, the imagination kicks in, doesn’t it? What a great idea for a series of blog posts.

    Your book sounds thrilling. And chilling. Great combo.

  5. I love this. My novel is a paranormal romance and the MC has ties to Edinburg. In a WIP I have the mc’s going to Edinburg to uncover the truth behind their gifts. I definitely need to do more research. thanks for the post!

  6. I love that this place had a pair of cadaver collectors working in it. This place is great story fodder.

  7. I came over here from Nathan’s blog, only to find your reference to the Vaults. I’m actually in Edinburgh at the moment and am planning, this being October, a ghost tour into the Vaults. I’ll let you know how it goes! Edinburgh is definitely a great place for ghost hunting – some say it’s the most haunted city on the planet. I believe that! Anyway, looking forward to more haunted places on your blog, and good luck with the book launch!

  8. Love this post! Thanks for sharing something that could inspire a story…I have a friend who writes historical fiction who might love this as a springboard. I’ll point this out to her. Cool picture, too.

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