Title It!

Urban Fantasy has definitely had its trends in cover art. One could probably make the claim that many of them are interchangeable with one another. I’ve even seen an example where the publisher used the exact same cover model and face shot on two different covers for different authors. Personally, this would bother me. It smacks of laziness. That’s taking the trend a bit too far. I was going to put up a book cover and just blot out the name/title, but I don’t want to poke fun at any particualr book in case it’s recognized and feelings possibly get hurt. So, here’s an image (hopefully one you might typically find gracing the cover of a current urban fantasy (not all, I’m generalizing here). It’s your job here to come up with a possible title. Be creative. Be silly. It’s all in the spirit of poking a little fun at trends.


10 responses to “Title It!

  1. Title: Never Again
    – a story about a women who finally woke up to the realities of her cheating lover. Her husband just walked out on her just before he told her his teenage lover is pregnate. Later that day a bank agent stopped by and told her the home she once loved was being forclosed and she had 24 hours to leave. Laci desperately check all her accounts and they were empty, gone to her husband’s lover. She slowly walked upstairs and changed her clothes. Laci stopped by the garage and grabbed two items, a old sword and a full gas tank. Never again she said, never again.

  2. Well, this title is neither creative or original but it fits your other criteria of being silly: Girl Interrupted.

    I’d better redeem myself with another title: Women’s Liberation Has Come To This.

  3. My first thought was Star Trek And Zombies.
    We’re going to a haunted restaurant next week. In little old Janesville Wisconsin- gospeakeasylounge.com. I thought of you.