And the Winner is…

The winner of the Query Rejection Response contest is… Shannon Moore. Congrats to Shannon. You may claim your prize with Nathan and I will inform him of your “winner” status.  Thank you everyone for participating to help kick off my blog. I’ll be running other contests on occasion, and look for more stuff book related as we go along here and get closer to release date for Deadworld. I should have a cover to put up in the near future (very exciting), and I plan to do a fairly regular post involving one or more of the characters from the story, to sort of whet the ol’ whistles and maybe give you a taste of what’s in store.

Speaking of which, you can find a little bit from my mc of Deadworld, Jackie Rutledge over on a friend and fellow writer’s blog today (it’s part three and may not be up until later this morning), at:

Next post, on a more serious note: Do You Believe In Ghosts?


21 responses to “And the Winner is…

  1. So, #’s three and five are going to be our winners here, unless someone rallies from the dead with 50 minutes to go. I’m going to go with ‘no’ on that and give my congrats to our two winners. I’ll let Nathan know to expect an email from you two about getting the critique. Just so, everyone knows, I’m going to be running more contests, especially toward release time to give away copies of Deadworld. Hope to see you all around the blog. Thanks again for participating!

    • Thanks again, Jim! I haven’t had that much action since the Shake Weight came out. Looking forward to DEADWORLD in April!

  2. Ok, here’s the deal. Shannon, since I declared you are a winner…you are. If, after votes are done at midnight tonight, there is another with more votes, that person will be declared a winner as well, and Nathan will crit both. Sorry for the mixup folks.

  3. Wow, #5 you have 215 votes! Since you ended yesterday with less than a 100 that’s amazing! What’s your secret?

    • A rally cap. And a great group of friends who are bored at work. This has turned out to be quite the nice little soap opera. Never a dull moment. Oh, and I also have a magic moonstone. Thanks for the votes everyone!

    • Hey Al, you think it’s fair to call a contest early? I’m sure many went to the poll, assuming they had until midnight tonight to cast their vote for their favorite, and abandoned it, thinking it was over. That doesn’t sound fair to me. It’s like my grand-daddy always said-“ya got ta stand for somethin’, or you’ll fall for anything.” Then again, he collected stuffed squirrels…

      • Sophia,

        #5 has gotten well over 100 votes today. How many people coming on the site to vote for everyone else today do you think didn’t vote because the first thing they see is that #3 already won. Does that seem fair to you?

        #5, I commend you on your large base of support and I thought your post was very good by the way.

  4. Hold on. What happened? This morning I woke up a Winner – “The winner of the Query Rejection Response contest is… Shannon Moore.” And now….? It doesn’t seem fair to give and take it away. Maybe this situation warrants two Winners. I nervously wait for you final verdict. In the meantime, maybe the sympathy vote will put me back on top!

    #3 Shannon

  5. It was pointed out to me by an astute observer that I announced the winner a day early. I screwed up. Fortunately for me, the winner has a very comfortable lead and the voting has died down to a trickle, so I don’t foresee the tallies changing much at all over the course of today. If that were to change, I’ll take action at that point. Otherwise, my apologies to all for jumping the gun.

    • Trickle? Maybe you should check the tally again. Entry #5 (that’s me) gained over 20 votes today alone to cut the lead by just ten votes with, what was thought to be, a lot more time left for people to vote throughout the day. Hell, it’s not even noon yet. Hate to do it, but I’m gonna have to file a protest with the league over this gaffe. Perhaps you could twist Nathan’s arm to critique the top two entries, or I would be happy to let you, the established author you are, critique the query and first five pages of my horror novel yourself. You have my email…

  6. Yo Jim, thanks for the contest! I really enjoyed it, except for the part where you clearly stated in the rules (twice) that the poll would be open to voting until Wednesday night at midnight and the results would then be posted on Thursday. According to my Resident Evil watch, it’s only 11:20 am on Wednesday. What gives, dude? Too much coffee today or something???

    • Doh! And you are right. Had it in my mind to announce on Wednesday and didn’t bother to double check. My bad. Though from the looks of the voting, the winner had a rather comfortable lead and the voting and run down to a trickle. Still, I screwed that up. My apologies.

    • Wendy,
      What a nice thing to say! I was really excited because Nathan has my absolute favorite blog.

      Also,I wanted to give a shout out to #2. Hands down, you were my favorite.