Do You Believe?

Do you believe in ghosts? I’m sure everyone has heard this questions in some form or another in the life time. Most have probably read a book or watched movies that made them curious. What if that was real? What if things were really like that? I think most folks tend to side step it, because in truth, if we really did believe, it might be rather scary. Then again, it might not. The afterlife is a great unknown. Humans have always pondered and speculated upon it, and we always will or at least until there comes a time when undeniable proof can be obtained. I’d have to say “good luck” on that one.

Personally, I’m a skeptic. I tend toward believing the paranormal is, at best, blown completely out of proportion to what the reality is. However, it makes our world far more interesting if it’s true even to some degree. Deadworld has a significant paranormal element. It comes from the place of an afterlife existing. Ghosts are real in my story, and there is some place beyond our physical world that our spirits or souls go to when we die. I find the idea fascinating, beyond the religious elements of heaven and hell. What if moving on is not final? What if dying is merely a transitional state to something else? These are all very interesting questions for me.

But assume for a moment that ghosts do exist, and we have to then wonder, what does that mean? What exactly is a ghost? Where do they reside if we can’t normally see or interact with them? What does it mean if we can? In what ways does our interaction between the physical world the one beyond remain untapped? Deadworld and its follow up books dig into this. It makes for really fun storytelling in my opinion, and not always in a terrifying way.

Anyway, I love the subject, even if I am a skeptic. What are your thoughts? I want to know, especially if you’ve had any sort of paranormal encounter of your own.


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  1. Fascinating everyone. There sure is a lot to be found out there related to the ghost type encounter, some more legit then others, in my opinion (in general, not specifically on this blog). Certainly as story fodder, ghost stories are hard to beat. They get my imagination going, that’s for sure. Wish I had something to give away. I’d do Halloween inspired contest with ghost stories. Next year I definitely will, since Deadworld #2 comes out next October. All kinds of Halloween style giveaways for that one. Thank you for sharing, everyone.

  2. Because of a collision and brain stem injury I was in a coma for 18 days. I don’t remember the coma but I remember seeing my body on a stretcher when I arrived comatose style in Chicago. That was several days before I “woke up”. I remember the temperature that day and how the sky looked.

    Do I believe? Yes and no. No and Yes.

  3. What you believe could be if you believe it. Most people who live in a tormented life lives a life of fear which comes from their own inner illusions. What has departed could linger around but why would they? Is there nothing more “out there” that they have to linger here because their is nothing else to do “out there” but desire to be here? Could it be that all these things of fear comes from the fearful? This so called universe with its massive wonders of endless journeys not to mention all these unexplained wonders throughout, and all these things (ghost) have nothing better to do? Maybe the world is flat and there is no “out there.”

    • I do think there is an “out there”. I’m not saying they linger here out of desire, but they could. Perhaps that essence is afraid to move on to whatever else is next. Perhaps, there is no other next. But maybe… there is a higher realm of existence that we are all striving towards and if we don’t cut it, we come back again and again, until this attainment is reached. Maybe these essences (ghosts) come back because they are troubled, fearful–who knows. I guess its all in what you believe.

      I do believe there is something more for our souls than we are born then die and that’s it. So yes, I believe in ghosts.

  4. I believe in the “essence”. Like Carlajo, I think ghost/spirit is the wrong word. Every person has an essence/soul. Essence is energy. I think when a human dies the essence of that person travels on. To where is the question, I guess.

    The story I’m working on delves into this question and more: reincarnation, twin-souls, angels, the catchers, and the ether. The ether is neither here or there, nor is it light or dark. It is nothing and everything. It just is. I think this is the place an essence goes to recharge and this is how they can come back to visit us before they move on.

    I could be completely wrong, but its making for a great story. 🙂

  5. I’ve seen things, felt things, and I can’t deny or dismiss any of it. There’s a spiritual realm out there, and once your eyes are open to it…

  6. There is something that inhabits a physical body that has to go somewhere else when the body dies. I don’t like the word ghost. Even spirit seems a little like a cop-out. Its the essense of a person. I don’t believe they can hurt you, but they can help out at odd times, and just thinking about those “others” makes me happy when I think about all the people I’ve loved and lost and long to have again. They have just gone on to the next step, and I look forward to sitting down somewhere on the other side and getting to know them all over again.

  7. If you believe in Heaven and Hell, then you have to believe in angels and demons. Otherwise known as ghosts. After college, two of my buddies and I moved into an old dairy farm on the lake so we’d have quick and easy access with our ski boat. The ranch styled house quickly became known as The Haunted Dairy Farm. One night, home alone, I had just finished watching a horror movie with the lights out (a feat in itself) and left the credits rolling on the TV while I went into the kitchen to get some cold water. Suddenly the music the credits were rolling over grew louder and louder and louder. I thought my brand new surround sound speakers would blow for sure. As I ran back into the room, I expected to find the remote lodged between two cushions on the couch. But it was laying flat on the couch. Something turned it up. I’ve had that system for years and never had that happen again. We all saw impossible things in that house: shadows passing behind us in the reflection of windows at night; people knocking on the front door who weren’t there when we opened it; The Backstreet Boys getting back together. I mean, some real scary stuff. I am a believer. And now I’m in the mood to go see Paranormal 2! Now, that stuff is scary.

  8. I’ve lived in several “haunted” houses in my lifetime. We referred to one of them as Spook Central. The upstairs landing was like a paranormal bus stop for spirits traveling through. I quite often would find my young daughter conversing with “invisible people.” In one house, the former owner was quite protective and kept my husband from hurting himself several times. The most irritating was the ghost who flushed the toilet. A lot. After doing some research on the land, we discovered a cowboy had died while on a cattle drive and was buried on the property. We found the grave, marked it properly, but it didn’t help. He was simply fascinated by indoor plumbing. We finally asked him to confine the activity to hours of the day when we were awake. He was good about it after that and eventually, I believe he moved on as things quietened down.

    Great topic! I love ghost stories. 😀

  9. Oof, I could write a book about encounters with ghosts. I’ll share one of mine and one of my husbands.

    1. I lived in Florida, was making the bed when a circle of light opened near the ceiling. Then I saw my older brother, Bob. He was dressed in a blue suit with a red tie. He gave me the family’s private ‘good bye’ wave. The whole thing vanished. The next afternoon I got a phone call from one of my sisters informing me that Bob had died. He was buried in a blue suit with a red tie.

    2. My husband and I were visiting his brother. I was down stairs, he was up. I called him for something and saw something moving up the stairs. Hub still had his back turned talking to his brother then turned to start down the stairs and froze then fell back on his butt as the ‘ghost’ of a man dressed in black walked through him. We both saw it…er…him.

  10. I believe that they are real but I have no idea how to explain them. I have had enough encounters not to believe.
    One of the most memorable was when I was in college. A friend of mine asked me to drive her to a graveyard to put flowers on her grandmother’s grave. Her car was broke and it was a lovely April afternoon. Since I had the day off and was bored of studying, I agreed. We picked up her cousin and drove to the site. We sat around talking for a few hours and it started getting dark.
    I thought I saw fireflies over the graves, little bright flashes of light, but Missouri does not have fireflies in the beginning of April, no matter how warm that day was.
    There are other times I have seen, felt, herd things that should not have been there. Only one time has it frightened me, but that was partially my fault.
    I do believe.