Who (or What) is the Creepiest Paranormal Villain?

Odds are (likely around 99.9% of anyone reading this), you’ve all seen or read some sort of creepy, despicable, disgusting, or downright horrifying character. While many of these are of the usual, human variety, we on occasion, get the villain with other origins. One of my faves is Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s “It.” Nevermind the ending of that. Putting something creepy and bonechilling inside the appearance of something created to make kids happy and laugh was great writing on King’s part. I also think that being paranormal makes the villains just a bit scarier because you never are sure just what they can do.  While certainly campy and more funny than frightening, the idea behind Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elmstreet is terrifying in my opinion. He’s a great paranormal villain.

Anyway, let’s here from the crowd. What are some of your favorite paranormal villains?


7 responses to “Who (or What) is the Creepiest Paranormal Villain?

  1. The Weeping Angels from Doctor Who (first appeared in “Blink,” which is hands-down the best TV episode I’ve ever seen). I think part of the creepiness is from the fact that they actually use the Quantum Zeno Effect very convincingly, and the other part is that they’re realistic statues, which are in a foggy area of uncanniness.

  2. Creepy comes from any well-formed villain that makes your brain says, “Wait. That could be real.”

    For example, I’m not very religious, so stories about demons and devils usually don’t scare me too badly. My brother-in-law is religious, and he finds that stuff terrifying.

    But aliens. Oh, my goodness, aliens. Those scare the poo out of me because that’s something my overly rational minds says could be real.

    As a writer, it’s problematic to create a supernatural villain that will really get under the reader’s skin because every reader has their own set of criteria for what is or isn’t plausible. I guess you have to just aim for something that will zap many people–or perhaps try to write so convincingly you seduce the people who would normally be unfazed.

  3. Steve King’s Da Man in this area as far as creeping me out. The Dark half…dayum! Dream Catcher…it’s inside you and groossss! The Clown…rolf yeah, I have a horror of clowns and I don’t know how many times I tossed that book across the room with a Oh Stop it, that’s not going to work…but it did. (yipe!) Koontz (sp?) Phantoms. OY! Movies? Who can beat out the Exorcist w/a possessed little girl? There was another horror movie about a dream serial killer that came back after he was executed…ewwww. Years ago there’s was a movie, I tried to look up the title but no dice, where this little African doll came to life, slashing and gashing and it gave me nightmares forever. (still does) I could go on forever, but it’s the innocuous evil thing that can control even the people you love to make them do horrid things…that’s the one that gets me every time. I suppose that works, for me, because you never quite know for sure if the person was actually capable of that before being infected or if the person is totally innocent. (like people who get drunk and are mean/rude but nice when sober – which is the real person, you know?

  4. I don’t usually favour villains in any way, but as Darth Vader’s character was developed over six(?) movies, we really got to know him and see his good side which triumphed in the end. Hooray! So, I say him. Would he fit the paranormal? He was rather unhumanish having all those Jedi skills and being part machine.