Urban Fantasy Radio

A lot of writers love to write to the sounds of music. It helps set the mood, evokes a certain tone to write by, and even inspires the writing process. Personally, I would love to be able to write to music. However, lyrics distract me more often than not. I have a very hard time tuning them out. Part of this may be due to the fact I like to sing along to songs I enjoy. So, my writing music, when I do use it, tends toward the instrumental, i.e. classical, ambient, etc. I can write to stuff like Enigma and Dead Can Dance, but that’s not always the mood I want for writing Urban Fantasy.

So, if you were going to have an Urban Fantasy Radio, what would be your choices for bands to put on the set list?


4 responses to “Urban Fantasy Radio

  1. hmmm tough question.

    My book is fantasy and I listened to a lot of Killswitch Engage during it. I’m still not sure how the two go together, but it worked for me!

  2. Daughtry, The Fray, Nickleback, OneRepublic, and Shinedown are all on my UF list. I have soundtracks for each book I write, and have certain songs for certain scenes. 😀

  3. Great question you’ve posed, Jim. There was once a version of mp3.com where you could freely download every song. It was used by indie groups who didn’t have labels. Nowadays, I think only selected songs are free as even huge artists like Paul McCartney have music there. My favourite songs weren’t on the radio only found on the internet. Two artists I loved from the old mp3.com were Gossamer and Inconnu Media. Two of their songs were perfect for a novel I was/am working on. I wrote to the artists asking permission to quote the lyrics which they graciously gave.

    So to answer your question, these bands would be my choice for inspirational music to enhance the writing mood.

  4. There are two songs that everytime I hear them while writing or brainstorming make me want to write a kick-ass heroine for an UF. They are “Whatever Lola Wants” and Goodnight Moon by Shivaree (on the Kill Bill Vol. 2 soundtrack). I think I have a pattern here. 🙂 At least now I know what I need to find as a soundtrack for writing an UF!