Nathan Bransford Tribute Winners

Thank you all, those who participated and put in a kind word about Nathan and/or his blog. I look forward to see him continue on as an author and offer more humor and advice from that perspective. After using a handy random number generator and pulling out comments that didn’t count toward a prize, the two winners are:

1. Brooke Johnson

2. Schoen

We’ll go by order of post to determine the prize. So, Brooke you get to choose first: query critique or Steph Bowe’s new book, Girl Saves Boy? You can contact me at

Thanks again everyone.


2 responses to “Nathan Bransford Tribute Winners

  1. awesome possum! i didn’t see the post yesterday, sorry it’s taken so long!!

    it’s difficult, but……. i have to pick Nathan’s query critique. XDDDDD <this is my happy face x5

  2. Awesome. You can’t see it, but I’m happy dancing. Thanks for hosting contests with such great prizes!