A Series Logo

I’ve been considering a logo for my Deadworld Series, something I can use regardless of book, put on swag/promo items like coffee mugs, shirts, use on my website when it gets up and running, and so on. I wanted something stark and simple, yet still drawing the eye’s attention. Any thoughts here? Suggestions? Would you want a mug with this caption on it? What do you think of a logo for a book series? Curious what everyone’s thoughts are on this. By the way, this is a very rough mockup. I don’t have a great deal of skill with computer art. It’ll get passed along to my daughter and her Mac with photoshop, to pretty it up.


3 responses to “A Series Logo

  1. I for one that it’s great, cool, effective – as in I got a tiny chill when I read, “It’s their own town (and because it’s a Dead Wold) We just die here.” I enjoy the character on the ladder seat of the W and love the mysterious dude that fills the front of D.

    The word Font is the only thing I’d change but the black color and red circle below? Awesome.

    You’re very creative. I guess that goes without saying.