Have you read any new releases?

In an effort to promote what’s new and hot out there on the shelves, I’m going to get you the readers, to provide some input on what you think is worthy of reading out there right now. There were forty or so new releases in urban fantasy and paranormal romances in November, with similar numbers in October. Nobody can read them all (at least not in a short time frame), but hopefully some of you out there have picked up one or two of them or are planning to.

A list of most of this month’s releases can be seen here: http://www.tor.com/blogs/2010/10/fiction-affliction-diagnosing-november-releases-in-urban-fantasy-a-paranormal-romance  and October’s here:  http://www.tor.com/blogs/2010/09/fiction-affliction-diagnosing-october-releases-in-epic-fantasy.

So, have any of you out there checked any of these new titles out? Post a review of any of them in the comments section and I’ll hand out a signed cover flat for Deadworld to a half dozen people who do (or all of you if there are fewer). I’ll be doing a monthly review post for new releases each month. In March, I’ll put all reviewers up to that point into the hat and draw out three for a free, signed copy of Deadworld before it hits shelves on April 5th.

If you post a review, I’d like to see it done tactfully please, even if you didn’t like the book. To help us with good reviewing, I’ll be posting later this week with some tips from three pros who review a lot of books (Jane Little, Sarah Weinman, and Sarah from Smart Bitches).

You can post a review throughout the month. Give us your thoughts on the new releases to help out your fellow readers, and happy reading!


3 responses to “Have you read any new releases?

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  2. Dennis Lehane -> Moonlight Mile. Came out on November 2nd. You can enjoy it whether or not you’ve read Lehane before or wheter or not you’ve read Gone Baby Gone before. I won’t post my review, but I invite your readers to check out my blog if they want my extended opinion on the novel.