Gloriously Awful Reviews (good and bad)

We’ve all seen them, whether browsing online for books and checking out what people have to say about a particular book or on the books themselves: reviews that make us cringe. Usually these are of the bad variety, referencing the author’s writing to excrement or the fact they should have their hands removed so as not to foist their atrocious writing upon the unsuspecting, reading public. On the opposite side, we see the sacharine praise, touting the author as the next Stephen King or that perhaps the author’s hands have been blessed by God him/her self. As I said yesterday, these reviews do nothing for me regarding the actual book being reviewed. It’s an opinion with not merit.

On the other hand, they can provide amusement in the sense that we like to poke fun at anything that is way over the top in either extreme. So, let’s hear it. What are some of the worst, good or bad, reviews you’ve ever seen?

Also, a reminder. Comment with a review of recent UF/PNR release on Monday’s post ( and be put in the hat for signed cover flat or an early copy of Deadworld. You can comment there all month long.


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