Haunted Site #2- The Myrtyles Plantation


I found this lovely place courtesy of hauntedamericantours.com. It’s built on part of an Indian burial ground (always a smart move if you want a haunted site). There are a number of stories here of people who have died, from children of the family, to servants, and even a voodoo priestess hung from a chandelier for failing to save a child from illness. Honestly though, this place had me at being built on a burial ground. Poltergeist anyone? This always makes for great story fodder. The place has been remodeled and now serves as a bed and breakfast, so you can have the chance to see ghosts for yourself, but I really like this pic that shoes it in a previous, rundown state. It just screams ‘haunted.’ Plus, it’s in Louisiana, which is one of the better places in the country for something to be haunted. Can’t you just see all sorts of creepy and horrifying things going on in a place like this? I certainly can.


“Whiskey Dave” Bradford–former leader of the whiskey rebellion– built the great haunted house on a Tunica Indian burial ground in 1794. He was actually the very first to see a ghost at the Myrtles Plantation, a naked Indian girl wandering lost on the grounds is what he is said to have observed. But Many of the locals state it is Bradford’s’ many ghostly children and grandchildren that haunt the Myrtles today.

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  1. Anne Rice does a nice job using rural Louisiana as a supernatural backdrop for her breakout vampire novel, Interview With A Vampire. Still, I find the bayou country quite beautiful and well worth a visit.