Arc Giveway!

I have an arc of Deadworld to giveaway to one lucky (hopefully) reader. I’ll do one in January and February as well. I’ll even post your review here (for better or worse) once you’ve read the story. The contest is pretty simple and fun. All you need to do is post in the comment section here with what I call, Tabloid Trash. This is my moniker for those cheesy, supernatural headlines one finds in the tabloid rags, or used to before it all became celebrity oriented. An example might be something like:

South American Scientists Confirm Aliens Are Breeding With Humans

Simple. You can add a tagline with your headline for fun if you wish. I’ll let this run through the weekend (Dec 12th) and pick a winner through random number generation, on Monday the 13th. Have fun with it, and grats in advance to the winner!


11 responses to “Arc Giveway!

  1. Virus riddled assassin offers a bite per flesh in return for ridding the world of stupid. Promises no infection.

    Disclaimer: Every 3 seconds, someone dies.

    Not so much cheesy, but ah, well…

    BTW, only add mine if you’re accepting international entries. (And if it isn’t too late…) 😉

  2. Secret documents claiming Kim Kardashian’s butt can talk and, subsequently, glamour people at will into doing the reality star’s bidding released by WikiLeaks today.

    KK’s butt condemned the leak and was unavailable for any further comment at this time.

  3. Vampire Hummingbirds Attack Rabid Cow
    – Fanged birds promise farming community “we will protect you”. Do they mean it? Answer our poll!

  4. ‘Vampires Are Among Us’ – Invisible, psychic vampires attack unspecting sleepers in their own homes. The fiendish attackers draw energy from their victims by evoking bad dreams through whispered suggestion that directly reach the subconscious.

    -Millions kill themselves out of belief that it is a sign of the apocalypse


    CHICAGO– A late night glitter factory explosion left one vampire sparkling in the moonlight and the scene was just too much for other bloodsuckers. The glittering fool was exsanguinated and then left sparkling on a sidewalk in the morning sun.
    A spokesman for the local Vampires Anonymous organization said the event was a mercy killing….