Deadworld Arc Giveaway

Time to give away another arc of Deadworld. I think (as long as I don’t end up giving too many away to reviewers) I will give away an arc every two weeks through March. To enter, post a reply here indicating what your favorite blog topic as a reader is. Is it food? Books? Movies? I don’t care what it is, just let me know sort of topic will make you stop the channel surfing and go, “Oh! Gotta read this one.” I’ll keep this open through friday and randomly pick someone over the weekend. Have a great day!


13 responses to “Deadworld Arc Giveaway

  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’ll continue posting stuff on writing, and hopefully keep building on other stuff that will provide at least some amusement or interest for folks.

  2. Well, I find all the topics you post interesting, Jim. I like the genre you write in and appreciate the honest way you share your experiences in the writing world. I also like topics that are ebook related; those that show how to publish your own ebooks. I’m trying to achieve just that 🙂

  3. I love interviews that tell us something about the author. Who influenced the writer, for example. What sort of writing quirks he or she may have. Things like that.

  4. I would say that my favorite blog topics are about a writers writing process or the things that make them love what they do. You can’t beat the enthusiasm of a writer talking about the worlds and characters they love.

  5. Humor is always good. I like reading about writing, but too many people wander down the same rut or simply don’t know what they’re talking about.

    Food will get my attention every time, though.

  6. I agree with Patricia. I love hearing the road to publication stories, and a good sense of humor certainly doesn’t hurt. I also find myself keeping track of blogs where authors talk about their WIP progress. Not sure why, exactly. Maybe I find it encouraging to read about published authors who have the same busy lives as us unpublished ones (usually busier, it seems 🙂 and push through it and do what needs to be done to get that story written.

    (Soooo excited to read Deadworld!)

  7. I like blog posts that dissect a particular form of writing, ones that compare seemingly different stories, and if they do it in s humorous way, that’s even better. I love reading about story structure and anything else related to the bones of a story. It just shows how much work *really* goes into it.

  8. My favorite blog topic these days always centers around how to write anything better. Whether it’s my novel, or my synopsis, or my query, I am always interested in learning more. Brett Favre blogs are good too (as long as there aren’t any pictures anyways).

  9. Topic that grabs my attention? Anything on someone’s personal techniques/methods for creating and capturing stories. Or posts where the real world and the story-in-the-making world overlap (eg mythic resonance, real life weird intersecting story, legends/tales/myths and their factual basis etc). Anything UF related really! 😀
    Enjoying the blog Jim! Hope 2011 is an awesome year for you (which it will be because your UF book is coming out). 🙂

    • Thanks, Gypsy! Looking forward to release date, and hopefully the blog will continue to prove at least mildly interesting and/or entertaining to most folk.