Dabbling in the Afterlife

I just finished Stacia Kane’s “Unholy Ghosts” the other day (good story, and think I may do my first ever review on soon), a book I’d been meaning to get to for a couple of months, and it got me thinking about something that Urban Fantasy authors basically write about all of the time. The Afterlife. I’d hazard to guess that the majority of books tagged with this genre are dealing with, in some form or another, what happens after we die. This is a pretty big topic and ripe as hell for the writer. Why? Because we get something that most will agree is true (that there is some sort of afterlife) but is completely open to interpretation  and speculation on the specifics. To me, this is awesome. Something almost everyone has at least some curiosity about, but as a writer you can totally make shit up and not be wrong, because it lacks verifiability. You can let your imagination run wild.

The afterlife is a significant element of my Deadworld series. What exists beyond the world of the living was one of my driving questions when developing this story.  Yes, there are vampires and ghosts and this place of the series’ name where many of those who have died reside, but I was and am, more curious about taking things a step further. Deadworld is a place where souls reside who are not ready to move on. They’re waiting to say goodbye to someone, waiting for justice to be done, and so on. That was my starting point, but I was more curious about where exactly they move on to? The great thing about a series is, you have and are allowed multiple avenues to explore. If it’s not the more typical notions of heaven and hell, then what could it be? How would it happen? Why? All intersting questions, at least I find them to be, and I get to make up shit to explore this. Hard to beat that really. Though I’m not a religious person at all, I find the topic of souls and what happens to them endlessly fascinating.

While I don’t plan on using my series to espuse any particular viewpoint, I immensely enjoy creating interesting and exciting possibilities that will make for fun reading. In the end, that’s what it all comes down to. Will the reader enjoy it? Anyway, just for fun, what sort of speculation do you have about the world beyond the living?


One response to “Dabbling in the Afterlife

  1. Just for fun – well, I am religious, but I don’t think that the afterlife will bring me face-to-face with God, unfortunately. I think that will be the culmination of a much longer journey. I tend to think that life will continue in a similiar manner to what it is here. I think, I’m only speculating, that our lives are created by ourselves, by what we believe, think and focus upon. So in the next life, what we take with us in the form of our expectations, awareness and opinions is probably what we’ll experience there.