Over on the exerpts page, I’ve put up the prologue for Deadworld. This is my final copy of the text and not the final, copy-edited version from my publisher. Once I have that (very minor differences if any here), I’ll swap it out. I’ll add in Chapter 1  in a week or two. Hope you enjoy and certainly feel free to comment or ask a question.


4 responses to “Excerpt!

  1. Jim – read the prologue, very excited to read the first chapter! You definitely have a style of writing that fits the characters – I was really impressed that the prologue was from the POV of a kid and it felt genuine, but the prose were still beautiful, if that makes sense. I found myself rereading a few sections, thinking “how’d he do that?”

  2. Fantastic read, Jim. The prologue really drew me in. The narrative and dialogue made everything seem very real, even though the events described are out-of-this-world. The writing was beautiful, indeed.