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I’ve been mulling over ways to inspire folks to pre-order Deadworld, and after reading yesterday that on average, Amazon sells a quarter of its books from preorders, I’m even more interested in coming up with something. I find it fairly sobering that a quarter of my sales might be happening over the next couple of months prior to release. Let me rephrase. “Holy shit! Seriously?” When I come to think about it though, people are chatting about upcoming books all of the time. If it’s an author you already know, this makes obvious sense. Why not pre-order? Pre-ordering from an unknown is a different story. Unless you’ve made some sort of connection with the writer or have read enough of it beforehand to know you’ll like the story, why bother? By the way, I hope to have an excerpt up in the next couple of weeks.

I suspect a lot of times, people are kind of on the fence about ordering an unknown, even if they think it may be worth it. More than likely, it’s an “I’ll wait and see what people say” or “I’ll check it out next time I’m at the bookstore” or something along those lines. So, in my continuing effort to spur some action prior to release (beyond arc giveaways and such, which I’ll be doing again soon), I’m going to donate a bit of money toward children’s literacy (haven’t decided for sure which program yet, but it will be a national level organization). Basically, for every book sold through the first week of sales (only way to gather preorder sales info actually, Bookscan lumps all sales through first week together), I’ll donate two cents. In case you were wondering, I’m making use of the old phrase, “my two cents worth.” Perhaps a bit cheesy, but hopefully catchy too.

Below is the logo I’m putting together to represent this, which I’d love some feedback on. Too plain? Does it grab your attention? Anyway, I’ll create some links in the sidebar for ordering once I finalize this, but I hope it’ll inspire a few more folks to take a chance on Deadworld. Happy writing!


2 responses to “Pre-order Promo

  1. I like the idea a lot. I think it’s a great thing to do and the logo is nice. My only suggestion is to put a small break between the Y and 2. When you posted yesterday, I couldn’t make out what it said. Maybe I’m just a tad imperceptive, but there you go.

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