The Evolving Writer

Good writers change over time. A good writer never thinks or believes that they have reached their pinnacle as a writer. I believe these statements. The craft and art of writing is, much like every other art, something that always leaves one with room to grow. You might get to a point you are comfortable with, perhaps even happy with as a writer, which honestly, is fine, but there is no end point. There is only better.

Deadworld is my second completed novel. To my mind, I have lots of room to grow and evolve as a writer. LOTS. I’ve changed a bit since I completed Deadworld in 2007.  If I were to write the story over again, it would not be exactly the same. Better, hopefully. I’m still finding my voice, still learning ways to more effectively bring characters to life, develop storylines readers will find fascinating, make interesting settings, and so on. In other words, I’ve in no way figured it all out yet. Nor do I want to. Learning and discovery is fun stuff and part of what makes writing so wonderful. My hope is that each Deadworld book will be better than the last. If and when I get to a point that I feel it’s not moving me forward as a writer, I will likely bring it to an end (or the storyline comes to some natural conclusion). I have other stories I want to write, other directions I hope to write in. I love writing UF, but I love straight fantasy and thrillers as well. Some day perhaps readers will get see me venture into those lands too. Happy writing!


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