Book Two Title!

Excited to announce the title for book two of my Deadworld series is….*drum roll*… The Vengeful Dead. Kensington has kept my title for both books, which is pretty, darn cool. Hopefully, I’ll have a blurb for it to put up in the near future.  Check out the contest for an arc of Deadworld AND an arc of Patricia Wrede’s second book in her YA fantasy/alternate-history  series. Just come up with an exciting cliffhanger. Think tomorrow I will blog about cliffhangers, such an important element to writing suspenseful fiction. Happy reading and writing everyone.


3 responses to “Book Two Title!

    • You’re probably thinking, “Wait, that title sounds like a zombie flick.” In the context of the series though, the Dead refers to ghosts, not undead, as does the title of book one, which is Deadworld. So, it actually fits well within the context of the story.