This Week’s Haunting

I was poking around for Asian-oriented hauntings, when the obvious slapped me in the face. This week’s haunted site may have the greatest source of haunting material every created by man. The Great Wall of China. It was built over the course of centuries, manned at one time by over a million men, and is estimated that 2-3 million people died during its making. There have been many claims over the years of tourists and locals encountering ghosts along various stretches of the Wall. That’s a lot of potential. While certainly not the scariest of places, it is certainly the most impressive.  All kinds of story possibilities could crop up here given the sheer scope and magnitude, culture and history of the areas in which it spans (the thing is over 4000 miles long).

Have a great weekend everyone, and don’t forget to put in your cliffhanger to get a shot at winning an arc of Deadworld and Patricia Wrede’s, Beyond the Great Barrier (book #2 in her YA fantasy series). Happy writing/reading everyone.


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