This Week’s Haunting-Bhangarh Fort, India

This week’s haunted site comes courtesy of India. I love haunted castle-type places, and this one looks particularly creepy. It also has a pretty interesting myth behind it’s haunting.

According to one of the myths, Bhangarh was cursed by Guru Balu Nath (Baba Balanath), who originally sanctioned the construction but warned that his sacred meditating place lies nearby and should the palace reach the size which would cast a shadow big enough to reach his forbidden retreat, the city would fall into ruin. Ignorant of the warning, Ajab Singh – one of dynasty’s descendants raised the palace to a height that cast the shadow on the Balu Nath’s retreat and the city was cursed ( India has a strong cultural belief system around reincarnation, and the curse was believed to have been “death without birth,” in other words, “no reincarnation for you!” The local authorities have even posted signs around the ruin stating that it is prohibited to venture into the fort between sunset and sunrise.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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