Quick Tip Today

I’m running behind on everything today. Seriously have to dig into some school work (working on becoming a teacher), and deal with a couple of other things on today’s plate. So…nothing much to post today. One thing to note, I will not have any digital arcs available prior to release unfortunately. I found this out yesterday, so any review peeps who may catch my blog, and were expecting a digital version, I apologize. It will have to be paper or get reviewed post-release. I’ll leave you with another author’s tip:

Description must work for its place. It can’t be simply ornamental. It ­usually works best if it has a human element; it is more effective if it comes from an implied viewpoint, rather than from the eye of God. If description is coloured by the viewpoint of the character who is doing the noticing, it becomes, in effect, part of character definition and part of the action. — Hilary Mantel

Have a great day, and happy reading/writing!


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