Just over six weeks until release, and…

What am I doing as crunchtime approaches on the release of Deadworld? Stressing out? No, not really, though like most authors, I’m worried about word getting out there, getting my name recognized, so that at least more than a handful of people know my books is going to be on shelves in April. Between April and June I likely will be a bit stressed. The inital couple of months of release are the most important. The bulk of sales will happen between now and then. The hope of course is that things will build. I’m fortunate that The Vengeful Dead (book 2) will be out six months after Deadworld. This allows for some momentum, if all goes well. Between now and April however, there’s only so much I can do.

Start looking into bookstores within an hour or two of my town for potential signing/reading events. These things need advance planning and can’t be put off until release. Getting the book reviewed. I’ve got a handful of people to send review copies to, but the more I can get, the better. These will be going out in the next few days so that reviewers have some time to read it before release day. A little luck and some good words, and I might build a little buzz heading into April. Reviews after this point will hopefully build on that. Keep on networking. Making my blog a worthwhile stopping point for folks is certainly a goal. There are a million author blogs out there, many of which are quite good, so standing out here is difficult, but every connection made helps. Building up the facebook/fan page. I’m not a big user of facebook, but this is something I will attempt to situate by release date to have a stopping place to talk about the book, series, and general author goings on. And I will continue to tweet, visit other sites, and try to make my presence known to more and more people.

Word of mouth is key to success. The trick of course is to get people to think you’re worth mouthing off about 🙂 in a good way of course. Meanwhile I continue to work on book 3. Keeping looking forward. That’s all I can do. Happy reading/writing everyone. Have a great day.


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