Great Protaganists

I’m over at the internatial thriller writers roundtable this week talking with others about the greatest protaganists of all time. This is a discussion open to great debate and subjectivity as you can imagine. What do I look for in a great protaganist? Personally, I like characters who struggle as much internally as they do against the outside world. I want the impediments to success to arise from within as much as from without. Like that old adage, “You’re your own worst enemy.” If a writer does this well, I’m hooked. This is probably one of the main reasons why King’s “Dark Tower” series is one of my all time faves, and Roland one of my all time fave characters. His struggle is epic. I do love me some epic stories. Anyway. What about you. What are some of your favorite chars and why? Chime in, and certainly check out the discussion at the above link.

Take care folks, and happy reading/writing!


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