Take advantage of quiet times

Being a writer with children in the house presents numerous problems for writers when it comes to making time to write. I’ve learned to write with things going on around me, whether it’s t.v., kids playing, and what have you. I’m not as efficient compared to if I was alone and things are quiet, but we must make do with the circumstances given us. Harder for me in these generally non-quiet times, is the creation process. I function much better on the development of ideas side when things are quiet. So, what’s a writer to do? Take advantage of the quiet times that do occur. In the shower, after kids go to bed, after I go to bed, are all times I turn my attention to this side of my writing process. It’s powering thinking, I suppose. Many of my story breakthroughs come during these times, not when I’m at my computer writing. The distractions just aren’t conducive to it. So, pay attention to these moments and when you regularly have them, and take advantage of them. Many a writer makes their living working around the everyday activities of life. We don’t generally get the privelege of hiding away in a cave and writing for hours on end.

What do you do to make ‘space’ for yourself to think? Happy reading/writing everyone!


2 responses to “Take advantage of quiet times

  1. I’m with Rachel – drive time is plot time. Of course, then I run into the problem of forgetting key ideas by the time I hit the next stoplight and can write them down. Stupid short-term memory.

  2. I turn off the radio whenever I’m driving and think of my story. Especially if I’m at a problem point I can’t quite figure out. I also talk about it to my children and husband, bouncing ideas off them. Quite often my four year old will remind me of things in my story I hadn’t considered. He thinks it’s great he gets to contribute.