Haunted Site-Ross Castle in Ireland

I love Ireland. Beautiful place. Fabulous history, full of greath myths and stories. Also, littered with ruins. What’s not to love about haunted, medieval castles? If I ever have the funds to do so, I’ll be touring this lovely country and perhaps seeing places just like this one. Personally, I’d love to see this ghost, and the story has the makings for an awesome plot (courtesy of about.com). Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I’ll be a bit more posty next week, as I’ve been a bit busy during this one. Happy reading/writing everyone!

Killarney has a long affiliation with horsemen – witness the sheer endless procession of “jarveys” ferrying tourists to and fro. But while their owner-operators may occasionally scowl at each other and mutter curses, they are never downright scary. This part belongs to a medieval knight.

Every May Day a O’Donoghue rides across Lough Leane near Ross Castle. And has been doing so for hundreds of years, interrupting his rest underneath the waves for this spectacle. For it is not only O’Donoghue himself riding out. Spirits scattering flowers and playing “magical” music accompany him.


2 responses to “Haunted Site-Ross Castle in Ireland

  1. Sounds very much like a story of the fairy folk with the description of throwing flowers and playing of magical music. How Irish and lovely. sigh I wish I could witness this spectacle too, Jim.