Deadworld trailer and excerpt

Here’s a little trailer action for Deadworld, thanks to a friend (thanks Katelynn!) with some media expertise I’ve not bothered to learn as of yet. I think it does a pretty good job of setting the tone for Deadworld. Also, to whet the appetite a bit more, I’ve added chapter one into the excerpt. So check out the exerpts page to get a bit more of a taste for my debut (note, excerpts are currently from my final copy, not the published version). Only a month to go until release!


2 responses to “Deadworld trailer and excerpt

  1. The trailer promises an exciting read. The music added just the right touch, too. Some nice text effects. Perhaps this is just me, but I found the second line of the last two-way floating text (with author recommendations) a bit hard to read as the text was small and it flashed off quickly.