Support RIF

I created this simple little logo to state my support for children’s literacy. Reading is Fundamental is a great program, a non-profit providing books, support, and incentive to millions of kids around the country to be able to and enjoy reading. It’s a fundamental skill and supports so many aspects of one’s life. However, today, the program lost it’s funding from our short-sighted government today after 30 years. While I cannot afford to give much, I am willing to put in “my two cent’s worth” as the saying goes, and will give 2 cents of every copy sold of my books that are bought up to and including the first day of release. It’s not a lot, but I hope other authors will feel so inclined to chip in a little. Every little bit counts, and getting kids to read is extremely important, not just for the individual child, but our society as a whole.

Other authors out there, feel free to use the logo to indicate you’re willing to support the program. RIF is aware I am doing this and supports it.


One response to “Support RIF

  1. What? I’ve been following a little on how PBS and NPR are at risk of losing their funding but I hadn’t heard Reading is Fundamental was at risk too. That really irks me. It seems anything that has any educational value is getting cut. What gives America?