30 Days!

It is now time to begin the t-minus countdown for Deadworld! Thirty days, one month, 720 flipping hours until it’s on the shelves! Very stoked, I must say. It’s been a long time coming (first draft of this story was finished in Oct ’07). And now it’s almost here. Kind of hard to comprehend really. Anyway, I will put it out to you readers here. What kinds of things do you like/want to see with an upcoming release? I’ll be giving away another arc or three, putting in a chapter 2 excerpt, and continuing with the usual blogging stuff, but I’d like to hear from you about things that have excited you about a new book.

Happy reading/writing everyone!


2 responses to “30 Days!

  1. History, that’s what get’s me going. A series I’m into, and have to wait for, sometimes it’s tortuous. Example- GRR M’s ‘A Dance With Dragons’ comes to mind. Recently I’ve discovered Kevin Hearne and his ‘Iron Druid’ chronicles..so a new author can grarner excitement , an origonal idea, good artwork, and being aproachable in this new social media ‘greases the skids’ so to speak. It shouldn’r matter, but eh- we’re only human.
    I was drawn to your blog, before any givaway ,so you can’t be doing too bad. Speaking of givaway, doing that gains excitement, try doing one at Goodreads. I hope you exceed your own goals with the release of ”Deadworld” and I”ll be watching here to see !