What makes a good ghost?

What makes a worthwhile ghost, as far as good storytelling goes? In Deadworld, ghosts play a significant role. The title is a reference to that place where souls go when they are not yet ready to move on (on to where? well…that is yet to be explored). Many times, ghosts are utilized to haunt places. They’re crime victims wanting vengeance or spirits who have had their remains desecrated. The reasons they are attached to the living world are good sources for story conflict and they are many. For me, I wanted to create a backdrop that would make interaction between both worlds a lively one, so to speak. I wanted it to be something much more than restless souls wreaking havoc (which of course, they are more than capable of, as readers will see in book two, The Vengeful Dead). As with any background one creates to place a story in, it should be full of possibility, whether one makes use of it all or not. The potential should be there for many different things, and I believe I have achieved that, and which will hopefully play itself out as the series moves forward.

For those of you readers out there who have read ghost stories and would like to read a good one, what do you think would be cool for ghosts to be capable of? What would make them more interesting than the simple haunting of a house?


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