What’s so great about writing?

There is always plenty of talk about the travails of writing and how difficult it can be. And without a doubt, it can at times, be a frustrating, ulcer inducing, head-to-desk affair. One only has to follow a bunch of authors on twitter or facebook to see this in action. Plots don’t work, characters are uncooperative, the writing just isn’t there, and the list goes on. If one isn’t a writer, you might wonder why in the hell someone would willingly get into this profession. For me, it comes down to one basic concept, and that is the ability to bring my imagination to life on the page.

I have a pretty big creative streak in me. It’s a need that ebbs and flows like any other, but eventually is one that must be fulfilled or my mental health suffers. If it wasn’t writing, I would be creative with some other pursuit. I love to draw and make things, but writing is where I feel that my creativity flourishes. It satisfies my need better than anything else. Creating stories for me, is very soul-satisfying. Sadly, I’m not wordsmith enough to put this adequately into words, but to put it simply, writing makes me a happier person.

Other writers out there, I’ll put the same question to you. What is so great about writing that makes you willing to endure all of it’s potential agony?


2 responses to “What’s so great about writing?

  1. For me writing is great because it’s another way to let the creativity flow. It’s exciting when I get the end, even edits and rewrites are exciting because it’s a form of art and I’m addicted to art.