Squee post

Author copies! Big box of heavenly smelling goodness arrived on my doorstep last night. The whole book, right here in my little hands. Soooo very exciting. Amusingly enough, my wife brought me one before I knew they were here, and I thought she was joking around with me and wrapped one of my covers around another book. It took me a few seconds to realize it was the real deal. Nothing quite like holding it in your hand. It has been over three years since I typed “the end” on that first draft. Worth the wait? Of course. Words fail to adequately define the moment. Pride. Astonished. Happiness. And perhaps a bit of Gollumy “preciousssss”. It’s truly a fantastic, unreplicable moment in time, because there will only be  one “first book” that you hold in your hands.

And now I can stress that others will enjoy it too. But to celebrate the arrival of a big box of awesome, I’ll pass along a signed copy of one to a randomly chosen person who comments here between now and Sunday. I’ll roll up the random number generator  on Monday to pick a winner. Happy reading/writing everyone!


16 responses to “Squee post

  1. Congrats! Deadworld sounds great, looking forward to reading it! thanks for giving us the chance to win a signed copy!

  2. It makes me happy to read this. I’m glad to see the start of something, and have the presence of mind to be aware while it happens, like being privy to a secret.
    I am glad for you Jim. Best wishes D

    You don’t need to enter this in your give away since I have a copy on the way..although signed would have been cool- good luck to one of these comment-ers.

    • Actually, Devon. I’ve been slack and not sent it yet, so I’ll send you a real, signed copy instead.

      • Thank you, that is a nice treat for me. I do look forward to reading it. My turn to squee?..yes, I think a little would be acceptable.

  3. Congratulations! I can imagine the overwhelming flow of emotions that must be raging through you, and I can’t wait for the day when I hold My Book in my hands too.