Haunted Site-Cape Town Castle

Time for another haunted place from around the world. Today we visit South Africa, specifically Cape Town, and the Cape Town Castle. The main reason I picked this on…it was built in 1666! How awesome is that? Originally built to protect the harbor, it had a locatioin instead, lovingly called, “The Hole,” where slaves and prisoners were held and tortured. There are accounts of people hearing the screams of those who have died in that dark, dank place, and feeling physical pain upon entering. Like many old, haunted sites, it is now a museum. Anyway, enjoy your day everyone. Happy reading/writing!


2 responses to “Haunted Site-Cape Town Castle

  1. There’s a noted haunted place in Ottawa, Canada that also suffices as a place to stay. The building was built in the early 19th century as a prison for those about to be hanged. Nowadays, the old jail is operated as a youth hostel and the presence of an unusually large amount of paranormal activity is one of the big attraction for overnight visitors. Also part of the building has been converted to a popular bar. They even offer a rather pricey walking tour that is open to the general public and very well-attended. The guides create more interest by dressing up as 19th century hangmen.

    P.S. I stayed as a guest for two nights in one of the old cell rooms that now suffices as a hostel dorm room. Although thoroughly depressing because of the arched brick ceilings and lack of windows, I did not witness any paranormal activity.