Getting down to crunchtime folks. Deadworld is out a week from Tuesday, and suffice to say the nerves are beginning to build. More so though, because tomorrow, my local RWA (romance writers of america) chapter is putting on a book event at our local library (who are most thankfully sponsoring it for us), and I’ll be doing my first ever live reading of a Deadworld chapter. I also get to be on local news tonight in order to help promote it. I’ve been on the news once before for last year’s event, but that was with another author from my group, so it wasn’t nearly as nerve-wracking. This time it will be just little ol’ me.

Regardless of the nerves, it’s one of those things I think authors need to get the hang of and be able to do, even if one isn’t the most glorious speaker to grace a stage. Public speaking is certainly not my forte, but I’ve done it, and know I can do it without sounding like a complete idiot. Also, I believe readers like readings, so it behooves the author to be able to do them when the opportunity arises. They don’t expect amazing results. It’s just cool to hear a bit of a story from a real author. It certainly helps if you have some semblance of stage presence, but really, as long as you can get the words out of your mouth in a coherent manner and not pee your pants in the process, it’s all good. It’s suppose to be fun, remember! Lol, uhm, yeah. I’ll be nervous. Thing is though, the more one does it, the easier it gets, even if it’s never easy. Besides, we’ll have food, and be giving away a bunch of used books, and we’re all there to support one another. Even with the jitters, I’m looking forward to it all. It’s exciting!

Anyone else out there with public reading experience? Be fun to hear. Happy reading/writing everyone!


5 responses to “Nerves

  1. I’m in process of reviewing Deadworld and I have been trying to discover if this is a stand-alone novel, or the beginning of a series. Who better to ask than the author? (Hoping for the latter, it’s great stuff.)

    (just north of you near Detroit)

    • Glad you’re enjoying it, Diana! It is in fact the beginning of a series. I’m contracted for three books at the moment. Hopefully it will do well enough to warrant more.

  2. That will be awesome, Jim. When they hand you the mic, try starting with: “I’m not one for big speeches, so I’ll make this as long as possible.” Works almost every time. When it doesn’t, things can get a little sweaty but I’m sure you’ll be great.

    Good luck!