Busy, Busy, Busy

Craziness over the past few days, and likely will be with releas coming up, one…week…away!  I’m trying to finish off my assignments for school which ends thursday, answering some q/a stuff for blog posts/review stuff. I need to get ahold of local bookstores and look at signings or the very least signing instore copies. Finishing off my website and needing to get it hosted so I can have that up and running soon. Need to go renew tags on car. Need to keep looking for a job. Times are a wee bit hectic.

So, in lieu of coming up with a post that requires my brain to function in a coherent and creative manner (hey, I’m still on my first cup of coffee), I’ll refer you to a couple of posts I’ve put up in the past two days at other spots. I spoke a bit about live readings at my local RWA chapter’s blog, http://www.mvrwa.net/2011/03/authors-and-public.html, and I’m also over on the weekly roundtable discussion at the International Thriller Writers site talking about dialog, http://www.thebigthrill.org/2011/03/coming-march-28th-to-april-3rd-dialogue-can-be-tricky-as-the-author-how-do-you-do-it/. How many times will I get to see my name listed along with Lee Child? That’s pretty cool all by itself.

Happy reading/writing everyone.


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