Haunted Site-Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery-Chicago

Going with the whole release week theme, I’ve picked Chicago for a haunted site this time, as Deadworld is set in and around Chicago. This site is not in Chicago proper but more out in the burbs, but close enough to be in the Greater-Chicago area. It’s called “Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery,” begun in the mid-1800’s and abandoned after 1989. It’s seen more than its fair share of vandalism, as only about 20 of the original 200 headstones remain (good way to piss off any lingering ghosts). A lovely, brackish pond adjacent to the cemetery was supposedly used by Capone to dump bodies back in the 20’s. It has had numerous sightings over the years, which I can see why, given it’s abandoned and frequented by teens looking for trouble, and I was not sold on picking this site until I saw a pic for the front “gate” of this place. It’s awesome. Talk about the gateway to “no good can come of going here.” It’s straight out of a horror film.

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, and considering taking a look at Deadworld, which hits shelves on Tuesday. Tuesday! Two. Days! Hard to believe. You can get it now in digital, on Kindle and Nook and such. Happy reading/writing everyone!


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