The Book is out, so what have I learned so far?

Deadworld has been out for a few days now, which needless to say has been very exciting, but I’ve learned a few things too. The first big surprise, was that having the bigbox stores stock your book in your area is not an assumption one can make. It was a bit disappointing to hit up my B/N and not find it on the shelves or that it would be for that matter. This after seeing pics from folks of it on shelves elsewhere around the country.  I don’t know if this was oversight because they did not know/realize where I lived or if this is a low sales area for UF or what.

Despite its relative uselessness, checking amazon sales rank numbers is addictive. Not surprising that I did not crack any top lists for any book categories. I think I got up to around 50k at one point, but it’s been gradually sliding back since. Same with kindle. Again, I did not expect exciting things here. A debut author with no name recognition is not going to be topping any charts or really coming up as a blip on anyone’s radar. Still, I think I’ve checked amazon half a dozen times a day since Tuesday. Lol, what can I say?

I’ve gotten some reviews, some good, some ‘meh,’ and some fairly negative. I’ve cherished the good ones, cringed at the negative ones, but all in all, it’s good. It means some people have read my story and are putting their opinions out there for others to see. My name and title have now been seen by hundreds of people.  Some will see the reviews and decide it’s not for them, others will adopt the “wait and see” stance, while others will think it sounds great and eventually buy it. To me, reviews are all good on some level. It gives me a general idea of what people think, even if I don’t agree or it makes me cringe a bit. Even though you know that not everyone is going to like your story, you still want them to.  Thus far, they’ve pointed out something that I think many readers are going to want to see that I didn’t flesh out much in the books. This kind of feedback is good, and I’m probably going to write up some additional free content to post at some point to address those desires. I continually look for reviews, positive or negative, so if you come across one in the future, please let me know.

I got a booksigning set up at a local bookstore. I’ll work on getting some more. I’d love to do some over the summer a little further from home, but finances may preclude that from happening. We’ll just have to see. But for the time-being, it’s back to the routine. I sit here thinking there’s more that I should be doing, but honestly there’s only so much. I’ll keep working on social media things, trying to set up guest posts, answering any reader questions, and the like, but really, the streamers and confetti have fallen and been swept up, and it’s already time to get back to things, like writing Deadworld #3.

For those of you who have snagged a copy, I hope you enjoy the story and will tell others if you do. If you’re hoping to snag a free copy, look a couple of posts down and click on the handful of guest posts I have going with giveaways right now. Most are running until some time next week.  Happy reading/writing everyone!


2 responses to “The Book is out, so what have I learned so far?

  1. Hi, J.N.

    I recently won Deadworld from GoodReads and have received it. Thank you very much.

    I look forward in reading it and more in this series.