Warning to ebook buyers

Read an article today that spoke about content farms spamming up books on the kindle site and other ebook vendors as well. Basically, folks are aggregating digital content on a topic, slapping it together in a book, formatting it and tossing it up in ebook stores. And we aren’t talking putting up a book every day, but a dozen or more a day. Some of these content farmers have hundreds of books up at 99 cents (maybe more, but example I saw was the 99 cent variety). While these are non-fiction titles, I can see this eventually bleeding over to fiction. You think swimming through the drek is annoying now, just wait another year or two when thousands of books have flooded these vendors.

So, be wary. Watch what you’re buying and make sure you aren’t supporting these yahoos, who are, in my opinion doing nothing besides cheapening the value of content. Hopefully, amazon and the other vendors will devise ways to inhibit these people from flooding the digital book market with their crap. Sooner rather than later. Okay, rant off.


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