Haunted Site-Sloss Furnace, Alabama

Time for another haunted site! This one comes courtesy of Birmingham, Alabama, which back in the day, was known as the Pittsburgh of the south due to its heavy iron industry. Likely the most famous place associated with this era, is the Sloss Furnace. In its prime back in the early 19oo’s, it employed about 500 people. It ran from 1882 to 1972, and became the first site of its kind to be designated an historic landmark. It’s a tourist site now and actually holds concerts/festivals during the year. It does however, have its share of ghost stories. Many people died there in the harsh and dangerous working conditions. Industrial America of the early 1900’s was not known for promoting safe working conditions. There is one story of a young, pregnant woman, out of wedlock, who committed suicide by jumping into one of the furnaces. Another, of a foreman who also fell into a furnace, and was seen for years afterward, checking on the furnaces. Perhaps the most entertaining though, was that of a foreman, notorious for his brutality, who fell from the walkway of the tallest furnace and died instantly in the molten iron below. Rumor has it, he was actually pushed in by workers, tired of his heavy hand, as that was apparently the first and only time he was ever seen up on the walkway of Sloss’s tallest furnace. His name, and this is just full of story awesome, was James “Slag” Wormwood. Could you ask for a better villainous name? Below is a pic of the factory from before it was shutdown. Also, a really cool “steampunkish” pic of some of the machinery. I’d love to tour this place just to look at all the equipment. Anyway, have a great weekend, and happy reading/writing everyone!



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