House of the Hero, and…free book!

A quick little announcement about Deadworld. It is apparently on sale for free as a special right now at Barnes and Noble on their Nook, and in the UK for the Kindle. If you are situated for either of those, you can check out Deadworld for free right now! I think these specials things run for a few days, and it started yesterday from what I can tell.

This past week, I took the time (several hours, it’s a fun time sink) to create Nick’s, our hero in Deadworld, house in Sims 3. I love building houses. Architect was my favorite career choice as a kid, and this totally satisfies that childhood desire. Now, while this house is embelished just a bit (it’s a bit bigger in scale than Nick’s house in the book), it definitely gives a good flavor and idea of how Nick lives. My favorite part of his house? The library of course.  Below are a couple of screenshots, and there are several more on the website at the books page. Feel free to ask any questions about it or comment. Happy reading/writing everyone!

Here is a good shot of the library.

Here we look into the great room from the front entry.


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