Procrastinating on…Awkward Sex

Yeah, I’ll bet that header grabbed your attention. Lol. As I head into my first full week of writing Deadworld #3, I find myself procrastinating. I know, a procrastinating writer, go figure. I wrote the first two chapters way back in late January, early Februrary as teaser chapters to go into The Vengeful Dead. At the time, I knew where things were going, and I was excited to get there. Meanwhile, school intervened, and I didn’t get any writing done for a while. Now I’m on official deadline schedule and must get certain word count each week in order to get this done before the end of August. When in regular writing mode, my goal is 1k words per day, every day until book is done.

Deadworld hit the shelves and delayed my start a bit with all of that initial excitement (still am far as that goes), and got me really jazzed to get back into writing mode. So, here I am, ready to dig in to a chapter with a scene I’ve been contemplating literally for months now. I know what’s going to happen. I’ve played it out in numerous ways, countless times in my head. It is and has to be a powerful scene. It’s pivotal to the emotional arc that takes place over the course of book three. If it falls flat, I’ve ruined a major element in the story. So, little bit of pressure, but I’m fine with that. I like the challenge of trying to do something different. In this case, it’s awkward sex. Urban Fantasy is chock full of hot sex. It’s part of the draw, the appeal of and attraction to the paranormal. Deadworld doesn’t really go there, at least not at this point in the game.

When you have two characters with enough emotional baggage to fill a freight train, hot, mind-blowing sex is not in the cards. If you’ve read Deadworld (and I hope you do), you know that Nick and Jackie are not exactly in good emotional places to just be lusting after one another and pounding upon each other on the kitchen floor. Not happening. It would be a failure on my part to just have them fall together that way. Realistically, people with trust, abandonment, self-esteem/respect issues don’t have good sex lives. There’s fear, pain, trust, and other issues getting in the way every step of the way, and I find myself looking at how to get this down on the page in a realistic and compelling way.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really motivated to write this scene. It’s going to be difficult. I don’t believe it’s particularly typical of the genre to go in this direction, so I’m excited to play this out for all it’s worth. But, writing awkward, emotionally difficult sex is not easy. Not saying writing good, hot sex is easy either. It’s not. But trying to put yourself into the head of someone who is going into a sexual encounter from a very dark place, full of fear, trepidation, and even panic is a far cry from healthy passion and lust. It could be very easy to get it totally wrong, to smack of unbelievability, and throw the reader for the rest of the story. So…I’m procrastinating. 🙂

Now, I’ll put it to you, the reader. Got any good examples of an awkward, emotionally difficult sex scene that you felt worked really well? Love to hear it. Happy reading/writing everyone!


4 responses to “Procrastinating on…Awkward Sex

  1. Awkward sex scene in Chosen by Blood by Virna DePaul, I would have been upset if their wasn’t.

  2. Although the genre is a FAR CRY from yours, pick up Marian Keye’s “Rachel’s Holiday”. There’s a scene in there a little over halfway through (after she’s out of rehab) that has her in a clinch with another addict and even though she discovers the lust factor isn’t happening, and her advisor has told her not to get in a relationship, she goes for it anyway….

    As soon as you started talking about this, I thought of that scene. Cringeworthy, awful, but so raw and full of what you know the character really feels… And it’s from a female POV if that helps.

  3. Off the top of my head; Carolyn Crane Disillusionists series has some awkward sex scene moments. Good Luck Jim, looking forward to reading the awkward scene just please don’t have them rolling around with a litter box.