Comparing Deadworld’s Nick to other vampires

Nick, the vampire, P.I. hero of Deadworld is not your typical vampire or at least, I like to believe he’s not typical of what one thinks of as “vampire” in modern fiction. Of course, I can make all the claims I want to, so I thought I would do a little comparison here, with what are thought of as some of the typical traits to see what differences and similarities there really are.

  1. Fangs. Nope. Nick drinks blood, but requires a more manual method of extraction (or drinks the synthetic swill he’s developed).
  2. Lovely alabaster skin. Nope. He hasn’t aged much, but he was never actually dead to begin with in order to achieve that look. He still has that rugged, Wyoming cowboy look he started with.
  3. Superior strength. Yes. That spiritual energy accessible from the other side allows for heightened body functioning.
  4. Only drink blood. Nope. He still eats real food, and is a damn fine cook to boot.
  5. Immune to other medical maladies like diseases/viruses. Pretty much. See #3.
  6. Can see at night. While his senses are heightened, Nick sees no better at night than anyone else.
  7. Can be killed with stake through the heart. Nope, at least not in the usual sense of it being that instant sort of death for a vampire.
  8. Hates garlic. Nope, loves garlic.
  9. A lusting, sexual predator. Nope. Not inherent in becoming a vampire, and too guilt-ridden to pursue this, even though he easily could.
  10. Shape shifting. Nope.  No battiness here.
  11. Casts no shadow. Other than the eyes, Nick looks quite human.
  12. Sunlight=bad. Sunlight is fine other than being a bit more sensitive to it in the eyes.
  13. Immortal. Yes, as long as he has a continued supply of blood.
  14. Religious symbols=bad. Nothing inherently evil with my vampires, so symbols have no effect.
  15. Sleeps in a coffin. Nope. This is not an undead situation.
  16. No reflection in mirrors. Nope. You can see him just fine.
  17. Always wears black. Nope, not his color.
  18. Youthful beauty. Nope. Turned at 36, and still looks that way.
  19. Ability to fly. Nope.
  20. Ability to charm/hypnotize. Yes. The power of the other side has sway over the living, though not to the point you could make someone kill themselves.
  21. Read thoughts. Nope.  
  22. They can move with an unnatural speed. Yes. See #3.
  23. To slay them you stake through heart, behead, burn, and then either bury at a cross-road or toss into a strong wind. Nope. Do enough damage and Nick would be dead, though the power of the other side allows for accelerated healing, which thus makes this a difficult task.
  24. Sparkle in the sunlight. Lol, god no.

Bonus abilities. Nick can use the power of the dead for good. The ability to heal himself can be used on the living as well. Also has a certain amount of control over the dead, with the ability, if need be, to absorb the spiritual energy of ghosts in order to strengthen himself. Though obviously, this is not a “good” thing to be doing, and is only used in dire circumstances.

So, not typical? Not so ordinary? I like to think I’ve taken a little different spin here, and in a way to make things interesting, but I’m sure stories can be found that make Nick seem not so different. Who are your fave vampires, and what makes them cool? I’d like to hear your thoughts. Happy reading/writing everyone!


2 responses to “Comparing Deadworld’s Nick to other vampires

  1. I think that’s one reason I liked Deadworld so much. Nick isn’t your usual vampire. Even without the fangs and other tell-tale vampiric attributes, he still creeped me out at first, even more so than if you had made him a more stereotypical vampire. His charisma in the first questioning scene with Jackie was creepy and any instance of influential mind-power afterward. But I think in a way, it was creepy because it was creepy to Jackie. Jackie could handle fangs, super strength, and battling him with crucifixes and wooden stakes, but the fact he could get into her head was the only thing she couldn’t handle.

    Anyway. Fave vampires? Say what you like, but I do like one vampire from the Twilight saga: Carlisle Cullen. He chose to leave the life of a blood-thirsty, human killing vampire, and he turned his talents to medicine and helping people. Also, I never read the novels, but LeStat in the “Interview With a Vampire” film was insanely fantastic. I like creepy vampires the most, the traditional gothic kind that give me nightmares. Unfortunately, we’ve become so desensitized to the traditional vampire that it’s no longer all that appealing.

  2. Sounds like a nice, unique twist to the classic vampire. I don’t think anyone can get away with a sparkling vampire either, that would be instant comparison to Twilight.