Cover Flat-Vengeful Dead Blurb

Cover flats in the mail today! Woot! Love surprises. Also, love this cover more than the first. Notice the nifty little symbol on the cover and spine. Not sure what it represents or if it’s just suppose to look cool, but I like it! For those a little curious on plot for Deadworld’s sequel, well there it is for all to read. I’ll get it pasted up on the site here soon. Happy reading/writing everyone and have a great weekend.


5 responses to “Cover Flat-Vengeful Dead Blurb

  1. Woohoo!!! Sounds like another great read :-}
    The only compensation I get for writing my reviews is being able to read great books. (Not all the books are great, mind you, which makes things, uh, challenging.) ANYway, I am looking forward to the ARC of Vengeful Dead :-}

  2. On the edge of my seat waiting wanting to know how to get my hand on some of those awesome coverflats.