Vengeful Dead Excerpt-The Spindly Man

I’ve mentioned in other places, that my sequel to Deadworld, The Vengeful Dead, introduces something from the other side that begins to introduce a bigger story line that will be carried into book three and beyond. Name at this point, I refer to it simply as, The Spindly Man. What is it? Why is it around? These questions remain to be answered, but I thought I’d offer a little introduction to him, as presented in the book. Here’s a short excerpt wherein he’s introduced to the story (note this is from my final draft, not the final copy). Hope it intrigues. Happy reading/writing everyone.


The thing had arms, long and spindly, with sharp joints that gave the appearance of tree limbs, which swung with smooth grace next to its body. Without getting closer, Jackie could not tell for sure, but it looked to be covered in something, stiffer than fur, maybe quills, that ran vertically over its body, flowing right up into its head, which gave it a ragged paintbrush look. Well, it wasn’t human, of that Jackie was certain.

The black creature began to move over the bridge at a very casual pace, its head turning back and forth. It seemed to be looking for something. Jackie turned away to gain protected cover from the corner of the building. That’s not human, whatever it is. So why is it in this place? Of greater concern was the fact people were running away from it frightened for their lives. Maybe it’s time I got the hell out of here.

Jackie gave it one last look and froze. It stood in the middle of the bridge, facing her with silver-dollar-sized eyes distorted by the wiry hair that grew over every part of its body, glowing with a luminescent, emerald green stare. The head cocked to one side as though perplexed or confused by what it saw. It wonders why the hell I’m here, just like I do. But Jackie did not think that little cock of the head was curiosity in a puppy dog sort of way. She got the panicky feeling its curiosity tended toward the, “How many different ways can I cook it?”side of things. This was where humans came when they died, so what in god’s name was that? The panicky feeling bloomed into full-on dread. When it turned and continued to cross the bridge, Jackie spun back between the buildings and fled, hoisting Laurel up over her shoulder in a fireman’s carry.

“Shit. Holy shit. Laur? Now would be a good time to wake up. Something really bad is after us.” Jackie sprinted down the street, watching the gauzy fingers of fog make their sluggish turns in the other direction toward the gathering storm that had to be named Death.


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