A little character heart to heart

The other day, I received a note from Jackie, the heroine of Deadworld regarding some of the negative feedback she has gotten from some readers. As her author, I’m always willing to give my characters a listen, or in this case, respond to thinly veiled threats, and hear what they have to say. So I grabbed a bottle of Cuervo and sat down for a little Q&A with Jackie to see what was on her mind.

Duncan: Hey, Jackie. Good to see you. How’s life been treating you?

Jackie: That’s a redundant question, right? You got my note.

Duncan: I did, and thank you. Always good to hear from you. You appear to be bothered by some reader opinions of you.

Jackie: And who’s fault is that? Who’s the asshat who decided to air all my dirty laundry?

Duncan: Well, I did obviously. I created all of that laundry.

Jackie: And you just had to put it out there for public consumption? You really hate me that much or are you just a prick in general?

Duncan: I think readers like to see both the good and bad sides of a person. It makes them more interesting.

Jackie: You’re so full of shit. They want to see me kick bad guy ass, not turn into a blubbering, depressing sap.

Duncan: We all have issues, Jackie. It gives us depth.

Jackie: Fuck depth! You need to get off the issues and quit making me out to be such a whacked-out bitch.

Duncan: I can’t just “get off of them.” It would create consistency issues. You don’t solve those kinds of problems that quickly. Hey, hold on. What is that?

Jackie: It’s a Glock. What did you think it was? And it actually solves problems relatively quickly.

Duncan: No need to get so testy. You know, people will grow to really appreciate you in the end. Here, have a shot of Cuervo. It’ll calm your nerves. I’d hoped we would actually have a little question and answer session here so folks could get to know you better, so they could see your other side.

Jackie: I don’t even want to see my other side. It’s completely…mmm, this is good stuff…it’s depressing as hell.

Duncan: You never know. You might find it all works out well in the end.

Jackie: Yeah? And maybe not. You’ve been a twisted shithead to this point. Why should I think you’ll give me a break any later in this story?

Duncan: Every character has to learn and grow. Readers like that. You’ve just started in a fairly dark place.

Jackie (laughs): Dark? I should bust your kneecaps for the crap you’re putting me through. My salary won’t pay for that much therapy.

Duncan: Maybe we should finish this at a later time. You’re clearly upset about all of this.

Jackie: Damn straight. Leave the bottle. It’s the least you can do.

Duncan: It’ll all work out, don’t you worry.

Jackie: It’s already NOT worked out, you asshole. Get out of here. Call me when you have me win the lottery.

Okay, didn’t work out they way I’d hoped. Jackie can a bit difficult as it were. She has some work to do yet, and next time, I’ll be sure we talk in place she can’t carry a gun. 🙂 Happy reading/writing everyone and have a great weekend.


One response to “A little character heart to heart

  1. Ha! That was fun. I liked Jackie, difficult and crazy as she sometimes seems. I like that she’s different and has real issues, it makes her more human.