Busy, busy, busy

First booksigning tomorrow! Woot! Very excited, even if only 3 people show up. I don’t really need much of an excuse to hang out in a bookstore for a couple of hours. Even better if I get to sell/talk books. Work on Deadworld three is going very slowly. I’m not even at 10k yet, and I”m busy with school work, trying to find a job, and also getting my fantasy novel situated for self-publication. Lots of trepidation going into this new venture. It might be a complete waste of time, but I have a feeling it will likely fall somewhere between being a total bust and selling 10k copies, which will be fine. Every little bit helps. Anyway, regarding said fantasy, here are a couple images that will be going into the kindle version, and hopefully will work for others as well. While I certainly love being creative, my skills with artistic software are by no means expert. So, this book is as much an experiment as anything else. Have a great weekend everyone, and happy reading writing!



2 responses to “Busy, busy, busy

  1. Hope your book signing goes well and you get more than 3 people. So much exciting stuff in store for you! Looking forward to following your journey…

  2. What a milestone event – the first booksigning! I hope you get a crowd there. I’d definitely attend if I lived in the country. How exciting, too, is your self-publishing venture! I want to go that route, so please keep us informed every step of the way. Anxious to see how it works out for you and your interesting sounding story.