And the new shiny begins to wear off

A bit over a month since release, and I must admit the “OMG!” moment has finally started to wane. I’m happy checking amazon rankings only once a day now. It has become apparent that I am NOT the next “big thing.” Sigh. And I had such high hopes. All kidding aside, I’ve had a fun time thus far. It’s a wonderful thing to see one’s work on the bookshelves. I worry about sales. My amazon numbers on paperback sales (bookscan) have not impressed me. I don’t know what the publisher has expected or hoped for, but I’d certainly guess more. I have no idea at this point what my digital sales have been, though with the freebie, 3-day sale, it was fun to see my book get to the top of a ranking list. The point now is to build interest and readership, so that sales build with each successive book. And reviews have been all over the place. A lot of love-hate going on with my story, which has been interesting to watch. Fortunately, there has been a bit more on the love side. In the end, I prefer this to the “meh” review (and there have been a few of those too).

I am now slogging away on the draft for Deadworld 3, and am only at a 10k, which is roughly half of what I’d hoped for at this point. Part of this is because I’m working to get the fantasy novel situated to go public, and because I’m putting in a lot of time getting images made to put into it, my new writing time has been cut back for now. It’ll start ramping up more next month, as I really hope to have the fantasy ready in another couple of weeks. Being busy with other things tends to dampen the effects of whatever is going on with what is currently on the shelves. I just don’t have the time to endlesssly obsess over it. I do have another booksigning coming up at my local Barnes and Noble on the 11th, which honestly don’t have much impact (unless you can afford to travel and do a lot of them), but they are fun regardless. And now, back to work.

Happy reading/writing everyone!


3 responses to “And the new shiny begins to wear off

  1. I haven’t had the honors of reading your book, YET, but I am ordering it on my Nook after this post. Relax. It takes time for word-of-mouth to spread once it’s read by others. Sounds like you are moving along at a good pace. Sometimes it takes 6 months before it makes it to the New York Top Ten List. You’ll get there. You’re doing better than a lot of people in the beginning. Have a wonderful time and enjoy the journey into authorship.
    My path in this process is not even to the querying process. I’m just finishing my final rewrite after two years of writing. The querying process will begin over the next month. So at least you have succeeded. Count your blessings name them one by one, not your sales. That will happen too. I’m anxious to read your book. I think you’ve done a great job platforming yourself. I would love to talk to you about your process to get where you have thus far (like Pay It Forward). Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Please contact me, via my email.

    • Well, I do hope you enjoy my story, Kathy, and best of luck to you with the querying process. It can be a frustrating, long haul to be sure. If you have any specific questions, do feel free to ask. You can ask here or send them via the site at