Second Guessing

As I move forward with this fantasy ebook project (and still try to keep progressing on Deadworld 3 and keep up on homework), I’ve found myself pondering the notion of putting up the first half of book one for free as a sort of test-run/experiment. Self-publishing, while familiar to me, is still something of an unknown. Being unemployed, I have no money to invest in cover art or editing services, so this is all coming about entirely on my own efforts, skill, and know-how. Question is, will it be enough? I have some artistic skills, but my editing is likely a weak link. I can’t edit stuff I’ve recently written. It’s very difficult for me to pull back with an objective eye on it until it’s been out of my head for a few months and I can come back with fresh eyes. Order of the Nine, my epic fantasy, has been fermenting on the hard drive for three years now. It’s had some editing. It still needs a bit more, but it’s difficult to tell where it stands. So, I’m looking at putting part of it out there for feedback and see what happens.

One of the interesting potential benefits of self-publishing is that a book is no longer a finite product. If someone points out an error or a consistency problem, I can go in and edit the copy. If readers overwhelming desire something added or changed, I can make that happen too. While it is my story to tell, stories in general are evolving works. I may decide something is not negotiable between me and readers, but other things, I can decide to add, delete, or change. Everyone loves a minor character and wants them to have more air time? It can happen. This is all a very interesting notion, and with this story particular, I’m going to be open to playing around with the rules. Consequently, because everything is so unknown at this point and up in the air, I find that I’m second guessing every decision. Is it the right way to go? Does it need more work? Is it edited enough? This is going to be fun and interesting to say the least, and I figure at worst, I’m out a lot of time/effort. At best, the book sells and I make money off of it such that I can continue with the effort and get the whole story developed and out there. We’ll see how it goes.

Happy reading/writing everyone!


2 responses to “Second Guessing

  1. I bought via e-books on my Nook, and am enjoying it thus far. I’ll tell you what I think when I finish reading it. Awesome beginning. I love the beginning. You hooked me from the start, but definitely by page 9. Guess I’ll be reading all night instead of finishing mine. I like your voice. Great writing.