Name That Cover plus Deadworld Giveaway

Okay, figured it was time to give away another book. So, we’ll try and have a bit of fun with this one. Below is a fantasy book cover, picked from among a list of “worst” covers I came across, and which I’ve erased the title and author from. So…give me a new title and author for this one. I’ll leave it open for a week and then randomly pick a winner, and they’ll get a signed copy of Deadworld and coverflat for #2 (note: I can only afford to ship U.S./Canada): The Vengeful Dead. Happy reading/writing everyone!


8 responses to “Name That Cover plus Deadworld Giveaway

  1. What a great surprise! Thank you very much.
    My email is on its way.
    I’m looking forward to reading Deadworld.

  2. Ok, Andie. The random number generator gods have decreed you to be the winner of a copy of Deadworld. I will need an address to send it to you though, which you can send to me through the website address if you don’t wish to leave it here. Thanks all for participating.

  3. “The Lost Again Dangit Time Travelers”

    by K S Collier

    Will they ever find their way home? All the moons look alike in this galaxy. Luke Skytraveler, Bearwalker, and Alenaseeker are in search of a new world and new clothes. Ah, foiled again, no mall on this planet either. The “Dangit Series” coming to your world soon.