Damn you, words! Flow!

As deadline hell week rolls on, I’m still trying to crank out 3k a day until done with this book. Fortunately, I was able to extend my deadline a few days to hopefully get in a final editing pass before turn in. It likely goes without saying, but this is not the ideal way to get a book done. Some people excel at pressure writing or just doing things in general under the pressure of deadlines. Those types “kick it up a notch” when put under the gun. Sadly, I’m not really one of those types. I like the steady pace of 3-4 pages a day. I like to be able to plan out and take time to pause and think about things as I go. When the word goal is pushing 10 pages per day, there’s not time to pause, and in many ways you have to cross your fingers and hope your inherent abilities and skills are up to the task.  At this point, it’s just get it done as best you can, and then come back after the fact and hope it worked well enough that you don’t need to make any significant changes. Okay, that’s all for now. Back to the writing. Four hours to get another 1500 words done before work.


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