Cover Goodness!

Fresh out of the email inbox, here is the cover for book three in my series, The Lingering Dead. I like this even more than the previous one.


4 responses to “Cover Goodness!

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  2. The first thing I wondered, is Do FBI agents really hold their guns in that gansta style? Secondly I thought, why don’t Nick’s legs match? What is that black thing above the G and the E in the title? A chap? Part of the raincoat? Why just one? It looks like the Hulk’s pant after transformation. And thirdly, I thought “Looks like Jackie had a bad face lift. Puffy on the right side facing us. Like her outfit though and glad to see Nick on it.

    • Lol, yeah always wonder about those odd little things myself, and Jackie is still in stilettos, which she doesn’t own and wouldn’t use if you gave them to her. Still, I like the feel of it and the fact we finally get to see Nick on the cover.